User Review: Popular Pregnancy Apps

When I was expecting, I was all-in! I downloaded multiple apps, I read book after book, and I attended prenatal yoga teacher training. The apps are fun—allowing you to track the approximate size of your growing baby, collecting weekly bump pics, and offering informative articles appropriate to your stage of pregnancy. I downloaded 4 of the top apps, and wanted to share my experience with them.

What to Expect: Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

This is probably the first one most people think of since the books are so popular. However, I found that bouncing baby bump linguistics and language abundant in alliteration annoying. Translate: I watched some of the weekly videos and read a few articles, but after a bit, I just couldn’t. In my opinion, the author tries to be too cutesy and I couldn’t get past the Dr. Suessian delivery of limited information.

Best for: ignoring

Pregnancy Tracker – BabyCenter

I like the format in this one. It’s easy to swipe through the weeks and read articles from different weeks than what you currently are. So instead of a daily, “Ooh, let’s see what new articles they have for me today,” you can scroll through once or twice a week and just read what’s interesting to you. I also liked the tools on this one and used the bumpie pics for my weekly belly photos (my favorite from our babymoon in Spain featured above) and the contraction timer when things started rolling.

Best for: timeline, articles, and tools like the belly pics

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

While other apps compare your baby’s size to fruit and vegetables, you can choose from the settings what to compare your baby’s size to. I followed along my weeks with the unique animals, so fun! And I really loved the weekly videos! Gina, the chief of Product at Ovia, takes you along with her as she progresses in her pregnancy! By the end, I felt like I had a friend that I shared this incredible journey with.

Best for: weekly videos and baby size tracker

The Bump – Pregnancy Countdown

Being 6 months or 25 weeks postpartum, this is the only one I still use from time to time. After birth, both What to Expect and Ovia requires a new app download to continue the tracking journey. The timeline turned a little weird on the BabyCenter app since the weeks and months of baby’s age don’t exactly line up. This one continues to count up the weeks (helpful because you don’t need help keeping track of the months, just the weeks!), has some decent articles from time to time, and has little videos about once a month. When I was pregnant, this is one I used only occasionally since I was getting most of my info from the other two apps I liked.

Best for: weekly tracker and articles in one app for pregnancy and baby

Pregnancy is quite the journey, and it’s great to have some useful resources along the way. I hope my reviews here help you find something to turn to!

Have you found an app I didn’t mention that you like? Share in the comments below!

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