Stroller-Friendly Trails In Wake County, NC

We moved to the Raleigh area shortly before our daughter was born. We spend more time in the neighboring towns and cities south and west of Raleigh than the city itself, and I am always looking for a great stroller-friendly trail! Here are a few of my favorite paved paths I’ve strolled over the last few months.

A stroller on the White Deer/Lake Benson Trail
  • Apex Community Park: This is probably my favorite. It’s a beautiful newly-paved 2 mile trail around Apex Lake. In northern Apex, it’s between Highway 64 and the Cary Parkway near the Eva Perry Library. There are a couple of minor hills and sunny spots, but for the most part, the trail is shaded and relatively flat. There are two parking lots, a small playground, and restrooms.
  • White Deer and Lake Benson Parks: Across the street from one another, this park-duo is a kind of pick-your-own adventure. There are several different loops to take, and taking the outermost around both parks is a little over 2 miles. A couple of short hills, some shade and sun, several playgrounds, and even a dog park–this spot has a lot to offer! It’s located in Garner just south of Timber Drive. The image on this post is a section on the White Deer Trail!
  • Harold D. Ritter Park/Greenway: I love this one for the playground! It’s one of those rubber grounds that feel squishy as you walk on it! Has some good stuff for the littles, bigger toys for the big kids, a sand box, and sporting fields like a baseball field and basketball court. On the other side of the playground is a path that leads to a section of the Swift Creek Greenway. If you walk each direction and turn around once you reach the roads (between Regency Parkway and Kildaire Farm Road in Cary), it’s total about 1 mile. Of course you can keep going! I like sticking to a quiet path, and not along a busy road with my baby in tow.
  • Crowder County Park: Smallish, but quiet and relaxed while still boasting plenty of amenities. It’s address is Apex and is located near the Ten-Ten and Holly Springs Road intersection. As the name suggests, it’s maintained by Wake County. To get the full 1.3 mile loop, you’ll have to lap the lake as well. The trail is mostly shaded, mildly hilly, the landscaping is beautiful, and the boardwalk adds a bit of fun. However, there is a section that the pavement is rather broken up. We have a jogging stroller that bounces along the cracks fine, but I see how a different stroller would have some issues.

Well, fellow fitness parents, these are my top choices so far! If you’ve found any other favorites in the area, I’d love to hear about them!

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