Build Your Mom Support System

Having close mom friends, regular play dates, or a group of other adults to talk to that have been there can do wonders for a new mom’s well-being. This past year, I’ve worked hard to “find my tribe.” (I feel like the lame one trying to be cool by saying that! Ha ha) Below are some resources I’ve discovered for finding mom friends and building a support system. And no, none of these are affiliates or sponsored! Most are Raleigh-area specific, and a few are nationwide. If you know of any others you’d like me to include, please let me know!

The Raleigh, NC Museum of Natural Sciences most notable feature: a giant globe.

My Favorites

First, come to my classes! Check out my schedule page for information on my current offerings. I teach prenatal yoga twice a week and the occasional workshop. We use the first few minutes of my classes checking in with everyone, which often opens the door to great conversations to foster building connections and friendships.

If you’re familiar with Meetup, it’s a huge community group hosting website. A fabulous parenting group I’m involved in is Wee Play! Playgroup. This one is Wake County specific. It’s great because it welcomes a variety of activities for different age groups by encouraging members to lead a Meetup event at least one time per year. The annual dues are totally reasonable (just to help fund the Meetup fees). And it’s very inclusive for all types of area parents. I am also the Moms Night Out Coordinator for the group. I’d love for you to join us for a night out!

Moms Supporting Moms is a peer-led support group for mothers with a postpartum mood disorder. They meet in person weekly and monthly online. All free, no commitment, and so, so wonderful. It’s funded by a state program, but as far as I’m aware, the in-person meeting is only in Raleigh. It’s a great compliment to your own individual work with a therapist or as a starting place to gather resources. They also have a program to work one-on-one with moms in their first year called Welcome Baby.

I discovered an app called Peanut while I was pregnant. It’s like Tinder but for finding mom friends! Swipe up to wave, swipe down to skip, connect with mamas in your area based on your packs (categorized interests), and participate in forum discussions. The downsides are that it’s hard to tell how active a mom is. You might be waving to someone that hasn’t logged in for months. Also, I’ve found the notifications can be a bit glitchy. I don’t always know when I have a new message. So when I do connect with other mamas, I steer the convo to text messages relatively quickly if I feel there’s some camaraderie building.

Many libraries nationwide host Storytime events for different age groups. Wake County Libraries also have other great programs as well. I’ve been to several different libraries’ Storytimes, and each have their own style. Some have a separate room for a bit more space to play, some do different activities like playing with parachutes and blowing bubbles, and some have multiple days/times offered throughout the week. The Storytimes are held 3 months on, then take 1 month off. So the months you won’t find a Wake County Library Storytime are April, August, and December.

This is another I just discovered recently actually through the Wee Play Meetup—the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh has a Storytime with live animals! The museum is free and the event is free. They do close the doors when the event starts, but they have it daily and multiple times a day too! Check out the Natural Science events page for more fun events! The museum is the building with the big globe outside that’s pictured above.

Fit4Mom is a worldwide fitness organization that focuses on different workout programs; many that the kids can come along with in their strollers! The really great part, though, if their fitness programs aren’t your jam (you can always try it out—your first class is free!), they also have Our Village. Not necessary to be a part of their fitness programs, their “Villages” have playgroups, moms night out, and other fun, usually free, activities!

More Options

Triangle Area Parenting Support, or TAPS for short, conducts 10-week peer support groups. The group is non-profit, but there is a fee for the program with a couple day/time/location options for newborns and an option for older babies. I’m sure it’s a wonderful program, but the scheduling just doesn’t work out for me.

MOPS, or Mothers of Preschoolers, is a huge international group. They partner with churches and other organizations, and are more inclusive than just the preschool age children. There are several groups in the Raleigh area, and they are all at churches. Not for me, but I’m sure that works out great for some moms!

MOMS Club is another large international group. Moms Offering Moms Support Clubs are for at-home moms, and chapters are based on your home zip code. So, while there are several groups in the Raleigh area, if you’re outside a chapter’s “territory” like myself, you don’t technically qualify to join a group.

Have any questions? Notice any inaccuracies? Have any ideas for me to add? I’d love to hear from you! Email me or comment below. Thanks for reading!

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