I’d love to see you in my Postpartum Rebuild program!

Postpartum Rebuild is a smart, progressive workout program designed to build strength and reconnect with your body after pregnancy and child birth. It is also a community of other postpartum parents—who have also been there—that you can connect with. Find support, feel empowered, and build strength!

Q: What kinds of exercises are included?

A: Check out my Postpartum Recovery blog post. In the article are videos explaining my 3 favorite exercises which are also included in the program! Of course there’s more than just those 3, but that should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Q: When should I start the Postpartum Rebuild program?

A: As long as you’ve had clearance from your health care provider to participate in physical activity again, you’re welcome to join! This can be anywhere from your 6 week check-up and on.

Q: I gave birth years ago. Can I still do this program?

A: Postpartum is forever! And you can join at any time you want. This program is great to build strength and if you’re experiencing any birth-related issues such as diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Q: I had a c-section. Is this program right for me?

A: Yes! Even if you delivered via a Cesarean, your abdominals and pelvic floor underwent major changes as you grew another human! It’s important for all participants to listen to their bodies throughout the course, but after a major surgery like a C-section, even more so! It’s easy to skip reps and dial down the effort in each of the exercise videos if your body needs it. I also have a video on scar massage within the program.

Q: I had multiples! Can I fit this into my schedule?

A: Yes, yes, and more yes! With it’s ability to be self-paced, and each workout being less than 20 minutes, you can squeeze in this embracing self-care routine during your few precious moments of down time.

Q: How long is the program?

A: The Postpartum Rebuild program consists of 18 different workout videos. That’s 6 different days of exercises at 3 different levels of strength. My recommendation is to at least take a rest day every 2 days. (Day 1, Day 2, Rest, Day 3, Day 4, Rest….) That would take about 3.5 weeks to complete the whole program. You could also complete a video every other day, so that would take a little over 5 weeks to complete. Or you could take up to 9 weeks to run through the whole program once, completing 2 videos a week. Of course, you’re welcome to skip any particular exercise days or repeat any, so the total program could take longer or shorter depending on your own body’s individual needs. It’s absolutely a “your-own-pace” program!

Q: What’s the time commitment each day?

A: Each exercise video is between 10 and 20 minutes. Easily fit in among a busy day of work and caring for the kids!

Q: I’m currently pregnant. Can I still join?

A: Of course! Because it’s a self-paced at-home program, it’ll be there for you when you and your body is ready. We’d love to have you join our community in the meantime.

Q: What else is included?

A: In addition to the brilliant exercise program of progressive strength, you’ll get a few more videos that explain some changes you may be experiencing with your postpartum body. The average pregnancy health care plan has multiple touch points throughout, while postpartum there’s only 1 or maybe 2 check ins. That is not enough! The additional videos included in the Postpartum Rebuild also talk about what your health care provider may not have had time to talk with you about in your limited postpartum visits. Also included is a scar massage video for those recovering from Cesarean births. You’ll also get a deeply calming Yoga Nidra—an amazingly relaxing guided meditation. I also included a Body Acceptance guided meditation to help you accept your new postpartum body and the very real body changes that happen.

Q: Is that all that’s included?

A: No! The pièce de résistance is the community! After you join the Postpartum Rebuild program, you’ll be invited to the Facebook group. Here you can share your progress, your struggles, and your triumphs. It is a warm, welcoming, and supportive group—a perfect compliment to the program.

Q: How much is it?

A: 18 workout videos, other great “extra” videos and a wonderfully supportive community is a priceless value. However, since money does have to be exchanged, I do need to put a price on it! For just $49 USD, you’ll have access to everything forever.

Q: I’m sold! How do I join?

A: Complete a request form. We will be in touch shortly with the billing. Once payment is received, you’ll receive a welcome email with access to the videos and a link to join the Facebook group. We’re excited to have you!

Have any more questions? Shoot me an email! I’d love to hear from you.